Cowpie - Wall Art

Cowpie formation the only draw back, for this hike, is it takes a while to get up the Schnebly Hill road to the trail head and it's a very rough road. The parking area is on the right / south side of Schnebly hill road. The trail heads off to the north and it's a relatively short and flat hike to the most NE section of Cowpie. You should be able to spy some worn areas on the slick rock heading west that will lead you to the other two sections. A trail also continues farther NE that will get you onto the lower reaches of the Flying Buttress and Mitten ridge. From higher up Schnebly Hill they do look like a classic cowpie but the views from on it are very nice. The Mitten ridge and Flying Buttress to the north and east and the Crimson Cliffs and Schnebly wall to the south are all close. After a good rain there are some shallow depressions on Cowpie that hold water for a little while. Though only a couple of inches deep they provide reflections of the surrounding formations.

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